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  • Zarreen J.

How to Mango Guide

Mango is the common denominator fruit that ties together countless cultures. This delicious fruit honestly speaks for itself and can be eaten in any way your heart desires, like as an apple with the skin still on. However, if you don't like the idea of eating the skin, then this guide will teach you how to best choose and cut mangoes.


Tips for Picking a Mango

  1. Squeeze it: the mango will give slightly when squeezed gently.

  2. Smell it: Sniff the mango at its stem (it should smell fruity when ripe).

  3. The color of the mango is not a good indication of its ripeness.


How to Cut a Mango

  1. Cut away sides from pit (stand the mango up and cut from the top of the mango, down one side of the pit) Repeat with the other side, you should end up with three pieces.

  2. Take a mango half and slice crosswise cuts in it (try not to cut through the peel). Turn mango half inside so that the cut segments stick out.

  3. Cut or peel mango pieces away

  4. Add some Vatsana's Seasoning and enjoy!

Voila! Delicious mango with Vatsana's Seasoning!


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