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What is the shelf life of the sauces? 

The shelf life is two years.

What are the refrigeration requirements?

  • Vatsana’s Hot Sauce and Vatsana’s Seafood Sauce: Refrigeration not required but it will keep it fresh and maintain its quality for longer.

  • Desvelados Hot Sauce: Refrigeration recommended.

Are there any allergens? 

Vatsana's Seafood Hot Sauce and Seafood Sauce contains fish sauce i.e. anchovy extract.  None of our products contain soy.  They are also gluten-free.

What is fish sauce?


It's a common ingredient in Asian dishes like Thai and Vietnamese, and it's where the umami flavor comes from. Anchovies are coated with salt and fermented in wooden barrels. Then they're slowly pressed and the resulting extract is fish sauce.

What is roasted rice powder?

Another common ingredient used in Asian dishes, it provides a nutty flavor and we use it to thicken traditional sauces.  It's basically rice roasted to a desired brown and then grinded.

What is fermented fish sauce?

Also known as padaek (puh-DACK), it's a traditional Lao condiment made from fermented freshwater fish that has been cured.  It is thick and it usually contains pieces of fish.

How does international shipping work?

We try our best to estimate accurate shipping costs at checkout. Unfortunately we can't ship sauce to some countries.  Customs, tariffs, and duty fees are determined by local countries, and additional handling fees imposed by the courier may apply.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is an issue with your order, then please email us at and we'll address any issues as soon as possible.

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