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lime juice tangy citrus no vinegar


No vinegar; only lime juice. The citrus fruit has found its true calling as our main ingredient.

fish sauce umami savory anchovy extract


The spotlight is on fish sauce for gifting its savory flavors to a wider audience.

Thai chili pepper spicy birds eye chile mild


Locally-sourced Thai chili peppers supply the spice just in the bite.

lighthouse fisherman vatsanas seafood hot sauce blurry vatsanas seafood hot sauce

"I thought Cholula was irreplaceable, but I was so wrong! Vatsana's has the perfect level of spice, and a whole lot of flavor. All the ingredients are natural and pronounceable, which is very important to me. I look forward to adding this to 95% of my meals."

— Izzy V.

"I stopped by Vatsana's booth at 2020 Zestfest, and was so glad I did. By far my favorite sauce of the 100 or so I tried that day. Strong flavor of lime, fish, and garlic, with just the right amount of heat for anyone's pallet. Kudos to this new staple in my kitchen - and to the wonderful staff who presented it at Zestfest! Highly recommend!"

— John B.

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