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A New Business with a Strong Mission

Updated: May 2

Our mission at Phaya Naga Foods is to spread joy and connect people through adventurous food products. We are proud to present Vatsana's Seafood Hot Sauce as our debut product. It's an evolved version of a traditional sauce from Laos, a small country tucked away in southeast Asia. In Laotian, we call the traditional sauce jeow som, which translates to "sour sauce".

Fisherman at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City

Joy and Connection

I was fortunate enough to grow up with this sauce, and like all great things that we take for granted, it wasn't until I lacked the sauce that I truly appreciated what I was missing. And like all great things, I knew that I had to share the re-discovery. I mean, where would the fun be if we kept the best pizza spot or the best Belgian beer a secret? — Leffe Blonde —. Seeing the look of joy on strangers' faces when they try Vatsana's is powerful, and it creates a connection that I'm still getting used to.

Adventure + Us = Adventurous

Vatsana's has a unique ingredient that's predominant in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. We've sampled the hot sauce to hundreds of people and only 10% of our audience can identify it by taste: fish sauce. Considering that more than 95% of our audience comes from a Western background, this result isn't a surprise. However, my favorite part is that in learning about the exotic ingredient do people take a bottle home. This decision is a key part of how we describe our customers: adventurous.

Even though adventures come in all shapes and sizes, they always begin the same way: with an element of the unknown and a degree of hesitation. Fortunately, they all end the same way too: discovering more than you could've imagined with the people who matter.

Embark on this journey with us and try a bottle today.

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We're now available at Gulfport Seafood Market!


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